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We are Solutions driven company with a focus on Business process automation and core systems integration. we provide custome software solutions as well and consultancy for all your IT needs.


54 State Street, Ste 804 #7451, Albany NY 12207, US

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We create outstanding and world-class digital products, web design, apps, and branding.


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54 State Street, Ste 804 #7451, Albany NY 12207, US

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Our Core focus is AI Integration and Business automation. we however also offer AI-AMS and Membership/Billing systems off the shelf.

We use a 7 step security checkpoint system that utilizes leading industry standards.

Correctly no user limits are imposed We do not restrict our software to per use license we are feature base costing.

No. We just ask that you understand your business needs. We will handle the technicalities of your solution.

A clear understandind of your requirements is important. We will sign NDA's and other related document before we start working with you.

Lifetime Support. All our solutions are supported free of cost for the lifetime of the product.
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