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We are Solutions driven company with a focus on Business process automation and core systems integration. we provide custome software solutions as well and consultancy for all your IT needs.


54 State Street, Ste 804 #7451, Albany NY 12207, US

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Subject Matter Expert (SME) Services

Hire the right people to completed your most demanding IT solutions full-time or contractual.


Hire a Subject Matter Expert

In today's competitive landscape, knowledge is power. And there's no better way to access specialized knowledge than by bringing a subject matter expert (SME) onto your team. Our SMEs are more than just highly skilled;

they're game-changers who can provide significant advantages to your company in a variety of ways:

Once you have a good understanding of your needs, timeline, and budget, you can start to look for SME services.

Own Solutions To Grow Your Business

Eyerything you need to accept cord payments and grow your business anywhere

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